Hello, welcome to aquariumnets.com. Here you will find what we feel are the highest quality professional aquarium nets made. Each net is hand crafted from the finest materials to build professional nets that will last for decades. We sell a variety of net sizes to fit your needs.

Our nets are crafted with frames of ¼ inch Stainless Steel. Unlike coated steel wire or aluminum frames you will never wear out one of these nets. The handles are ¾ inch in diameter Schedule 40 aluminum pipe. Light in weight and sturdy, these handles can take a lot of abuse and not bend. 

We use premium knotless netting in our fish nets. All seams are stitched with UV resistant thread designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It can and will last for years under commercial use and perhaps a lifetime with advanced hobbyists. 

Our brine shrimp nets use a high end filter material that should catch all but the tiniest of feeders. 

All netting is attached to the stainless steel frame with an industrial marine epoxy. This epoxy is used in the ship industry and the construction industry when you need a tough epoxy that will withstand years underwater. 

Each size net is available with many different mesh sizes and handle lengths to choose from.